*Dark clouds have been looming and an uneasiness has been brewing in the south lands of Syrkarn, Knights from Pyrine have been sent to investigate.

*Roumers have been spreading about a Library being discovered in Pyrine dating back to before the War of Shadows, but there seems to be reports of Gnoll raiders inhabiting the area as well.

*The Elven Rangers of Nulakesh have been stopping more people from entering there woods around there territory recently.

*Strange sightings of a wizard have been reported all over the southern coast of Rhiavaar.

*The Dwarves of Dor Maleer have become more reclusive because of internal strife within their leadership.

*A young girl with ghost white hair has been seen by common folk on multiple occasions offering help to the sick and poor. People have begun to see her passing as a good omen.


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