Sar Daukar

"For the Hawk and the Dragon! CHARGE!"


Sar Daukar is a young, brash Dragonborn enrolled in the Hawk’s Path academy. His faith in the Platinum Dragon has greatly bolstered his combat prowess, as have his mother Sandra’s tales of his courageous father. His greatest drive is to follow his patriarch’s example, travelling the world and fighting in glorious battles on the side of righteousness.

While valiant, Sar is not exactly the brightest coin in the purse. He finds it far easier to rely on the more capable minds of his close friends and companions than to formulate his own plans; however, if given enough time or inspiration, he’ll occasionally say something profound.

Since the recent slaying of Davril, one of his closest friends, Sar is perhaps less carefree than he once was. Far more protective of the tiefling Pelios than he once was, Sar has also developed an unusual prejudice against elves due to what he sees as their role in Davril’s death.

Sar Daukar

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