Tiefling Invoker, Follower of Ioun, Seeker of Hidden Truths


Abandoned by his parents at birth, Pelaios was raised by Dragonborn. At an early age he realized he was different and that was the first time he asked ‘’Why?’‘. It was this question that moulded his youth, as he ventured out into the world to answer it. Along his travels he was met with prejudice and fear, and the answers were scarce. It was then that Pelaios sought refuge in a temple of questions, the temple of IOUN. It was there, for the first time, that he felt he was treated as an equal, the first time he didn’t feel like an outcast.

The burning questions in his soul were finally answered, and he finally learned exactly what he was, the descendants of demons, Tiefling. In the light of that truth Pelaios did not feel shame, the power of that truth is what set Pelaios free. From there he vowed to seek out the answers to questions long forgotten, to serve the wisdom of IOUN.

Pelaios ventured across the lands uncovering hidden truths, until he discovered the Hawk’s Path Academy, and their histories. What better a place to serve as a springboard for his destiny.


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