Gern Laverin (R.I.P)

Head Master of the Hawks Path Academy


Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’6"


No one is sure how old he is, but the way he talks about the Age of Shadow its like he was there. He personalty takes the time to meet everyone trained at the academy and will sometimes take an interest in a select few. A vary skilled warrior, he is often found practicing alone with his Full Blade “SkyStrike”

Rumor has it that he has never been defeated in combat, but is always willing to let his students try


Gren was slain by Reaper durring the Battle of Hawks Path. His body was burned near some old ruins north of were the Academy stood.

Gern was only a teen during the Age of Shadows, but he remembers it well.
Younger brother to Anna Laverin, he was there in the final battle and helped defeat of the demon Rendalor. When Anna gave her life to close the Shadow gate her sacrifice created the 6 Shadow gems.
He carries the Sky Gem and since then his aging has slowed dramatically, and to this day he would be over 300 years old. Gern has always viewed this gift as a curse, for there are few who wish to remember what happened that day.
He opened Hawk’s Path Academy to train the young to fight who may one day have to defend the land from the forces of shadow, just as he once did.

Gern Laverin (R.I.P)

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