Goliath barbarian follower of kord


Str 20
Con 18
Dex 14
Int 9
Wis 12
Cha 8

Fort 22
Refl 18
Will 17
Ac 21.


always testing himself, very reluctant to back down from a challenge, but wise enough to know when to come back and fight another day.not the smartest but smart enough to know that he was placed on this world to be a warrior not a scholar.

straight forward, will call a spade a spade. very imposing due to his size. wears a bear skin cape, complete with head of the bear as a hood. bear hide armour and massive executioners axe. he killed the bear with his bare hands after escaping imprisionment at the hands of the giants. reveres and respect bears and firmly beleives the bear sensed his needs and challenged him, and since he won, he was found to be worthy of the bears sacrifice. has two crossed swords tattooed on his rt forearm.
while hunting, he was captured by giants. he was kept as a slave for 2 years. one night he finally broke thru his chains and escaped. it was that same night that he fought and killed the bear with his bare hands. he tried to find his tribe,, but they had moved on. he made his way to a dwarven stronghold, he had been his tribes envoy to the dwarves. he was granted the right to stay with them for as long as he needed to recover. he paid them back by helping with whatever they needed help with, hunting, farming and guarding the stronghold. he still has visible scars on his wrists and ankles from his chains at the hand of the giants, he hopes to one day face Grul, the leader of the giant tribe that enslaved him, and chalenge him to a dual and kill him.


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