Davril Tarmikos (R.I.P)

Half-Orc ranger


Str 18
Con 14
Dex 17
Wis 14
Int 10
Cha 8
Ac 19
Hp 51
Reflex 17
Fort 16
Wil 14
Two blade ranger, uses khopesh(2) and javelin.
Alignment good, worships melora


His mother died at childbirth. He was raised by his father who was also a half Orc ranger. He learned to revere nature as well as live off of the land to survive. They lived by themselves in the wilderness. This explains his very abrupt nature with people since he wasn’t around people that often. He is very simple in his likes and dislikes, either he likes you or he doesn’t. When his father died, he continued his life of solitude. One day some travelers got lost, he happened upon them as they were being attacked by bandits. He came to their rescue and helped them find their way to town. When he arrived there he realized that he enjoyed this adventure and decided to stay and explore what life had to offer. This is where he found hawks path academy and he has been there ever since.


Davril was slain by Troglodytes during the rescue of Nally Moonstar.

Davril Tarmikos (R.I.P)

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