Legacy of the Fallen Kingdom

Trouble on the Horizon

The students of the Hawks Path Academy arrived at the village of Adalor only to learn it is being plagued by a string of disappearances. Villagers have been killed in there homes and there young have been taken. No one knows by who and are afraid for there lives. Upon investigation of the latest disappearance Davril can hear something in the wind, and using his skills as a ranger tracks it to a nearby house under attack by Goblins. Most of the Goblins in the area have never venture far or attacked anyone, but there is something off about these one. They also bear marks and symbols of an unknown origin. The party learns that someone has been taken and follow tracks left behind to the Goblins Cave. Fighting there way through they manage to kill the Goblin Leader and save the kidnapped villager. But when all the fighting is done they come face to face with a Black Dragon who seems to have manipulated the Goblins into Kidnapping the villagers for sacrifice to an unknown third party only referred to as “Reaper”. Sar challenges the Dragon into a test of strength, though a lost cause the Dragon leaves after Sar is defeated.

The party makes there way back to the Hawks Path only with more questions then answers. Who is Reaper and what connection does he have with the Academy?


Hey now, I’d hardly call that a LOST cause :P

Trouble on the Horizon

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