Legacy of the Fallen Kingdom

A Mothers Wish
Finding a Star

After three days hard ride north towards the forests of Nulakesh the party comes across an injured elf girl just outside a clearing. Her wounds look fresh and she begs for assistance. She is one of the elven rangers of Nulakesh, they were sent to investigate a cave in the area and were ambushed by an Owlbear. Some of her group along with there leader are still trapped within the cave. They agree to help as long as they will be taken to the capital of Nulakesh to speak with Lenia Moonstar. Apon hearing this the ranger remarks that the leader of there group is the daughter of the person they seek. Knowing this to be the perfect opportunity the party rushes towards the cave entrance only to be greeted buy a massive owlbear. A fight in sues and the owlbear is over powered and slain. Venturing into the cave only sparks more questions and it seems to be inhabited by troglodytes who are holding some of the elves prisoner. As the party fights there way further into the cave overconfidence takes Davril as he moves to far from the party and is ambushed. He is mortally wounded and loses his life at the point of a spear. The last room of the cave contains an alter to which two elves are tied too, only one is alive. There is a Drow in the room who appears to be performing some kind of ritual. The party draws weapons and attacks the drow but it soon becomes apparent that he is no pushover and he ducks and weaves between there assault. Realizing they have no chance but to run Pelaios frees the last reaming elf and manages to stun the Drow giving the party enough time to escape the cave. They leave the area but after only a short travel setup camp for the night. Pelaios seems to have taken interest in the elven woman as she thanks the party and introduces herself “I am Nally Moonstar, Leader of the Elven Rangers of Nulakesh.”

Battle of the Hawks Path: Part 2 / Fall of Hero's

Confronted with the power of Reaper the party could only stand in fear. Sar made an attempt to fight him but was quickly defeated. The portal would not activate in time to save them. But Gren returned in time to confront Reaper. “Stop this madness Marcus, this will not change anything!” Gren yelled to Reaper, seeming to know who Reaper really is. A battle between the two soon broke out, and from the severity of the damage being done this was a fight well beyond the party. Moments later as it looked Gren was on the loseing end the Teleport Circle activated and the party was wisked away to an old monistary in the woods to the north. Simon and all the refuges were waiting and trying to deside where to go next. Princess Xecty and Simon gathered everyone and explained they would make there way to the Capital of Pyrine. As they prepared to depart the portal activated for the last time, bringing with it Gren. Broken sword and mortaly wounded he said his last words that day. “Take this Gem, never let him have it…” and with his last words told them to seek out Lenia Moonstar in the Elven Kingdom to the north. The party desided they would obey his last wishes and headed north to the forest of Nulakesh.

Battle of the Hawks Path: Part 1

Smoke and screams fill the air as the city around the Hawks Path Academy is being overrun by monsters of the night. The party makes there way to a back entrance near the stable only to find the door has been forced as it seems they were not the first to arrive. They hurry towards the Library of the academy and are confronted with hobgoblins and orges attempting to kill of fleeing students. After several fights and the rescue of fellow students they come apon Simon Stormwall. He relays that Gren has ordered everyone to the Chaple where a teleportation circle has been placed to evacuate the students. Apon arriving in the main hallway just shy of the Chaple all hope turns to dread as the Black Dragon known as Sarnith bursts through the front door. But his inpending victory over the party is cut short by receiving Gren’s Fullblade Skystrike to the eye. The party moves towards the chaple and finishes with the rescue of there fellow students. And as they wait for the circle to recharge they are confronted with something they will come to fear, Reaper has made his apperence.

The Forgotten Hawks

Below the depth of the forgotten Library lay a stronghold untouched by time. With its traps still intact the hero’s make there way undaunted, wishing to know what secrets lay within. Surviving many trials they uncover what was once a meeting room of the Hero’s of the Hawk. Could this have been a base of operation 300 years ago? A magic map room, magic items on display, a boat in the middle of a cave, what could it all mean. And a book, locked from prying eyes, what could be contained within? After a long rest the party decides to head back to the academy. Smoke can be seen in the distance, the Academy glows red with fire! It is under siege by all manner of darkness, the people will need help if anyone is to survive.

Lost in the Dark

Having only just escaped the grasp of the Black Dragon send to kill them our Heros find themselve in the dark rooms beneath the Forgotten Library, what secret await in a place never intended to be found, what dangers…

Trouble on the Horizon

The students of the Hawks Path Academy arrived at the village of Adalor only to learn it is being plagued by a string of disappearances. Villagers have been killed in there homes and there young have been taken. No one knows by who and are afraid for there lives. Upon investigation of the latest disappearance Davril can hear something in the wind, and using his skills as a ranger tracks it to a nearby house under attack by Goblins. Most of the Goblins in the area have never venture far or attacked anyone, but there is something off about these one. They also bear marks and symbols of an unknown origin. The party learns that someone has been taken and follow tracks left behind to the Goblins Cave. Fighting there way through they manage to kill the Goblin Leader and save the kidnapped villager. But when all the fighting is done they come face to face with a Black Dragon who seems to have manipulated the Goblins into Kidnapping the villagers for sacrifice to an unknown third party only referred to as “Reaper”. Sar challenges the Dragon into a test of strength, though a lost cause the Dragon leaves after Sar is defeated.

The party makes there way back to the Hawks Path only with more questions then answers. Who is Reaper and what connection does he have with the Academy?

Final Exam / The Hawks Take Flight

As the days before graduation close, its is time for one final exam. A test of skill, of duties, of adventure.

A small band of goblins have been causing problems in the nearby village of Adalor, and thought they pose a minor threat, this would be a good start to life that may never be the same.


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