The continent of Sarlona a geological wonder in it self, from the frozen north of The Tashana Tundra to the harsh southern desert of Adar. There is plenty of room for an adventure to make his way on this world. The land is divided into 4 distinct regions.

The Tashana Tundra
To the north lays the Tashana Tundra, a land of frozen wastes and harsh cold. What few people live in these lands are barbarians and other monsters more adept to the cold. The frozen city of IceWall sits on the southern tip of the Tashyvar Islands and is a major trading post to lands far away from Sarlona.

Riedra is a land of many people, and makes up most of the continent of Sarlona.
Dor Maleer
Mountains cover most of the area of Dor Maleer and is where most of the Dwarf population of Sarlona reside.
The forests of this area are vast and within lies the capital city of GlimmerDale as well as most of the Elves and Gnomes in Riedra.
Rhavaar and Khalesh
The plains of these areas stretch far and provide one of the most fertile places to grow crops. The seaside of Rhavaar also has a vary large fishing industry.
The capital city of StormReach is located in the mountains to the north. The region has a large population of Dragonborn.
The Kingdom is ruled over by Princess Xecty and is the location of the famous Hawks Path Academy. Its is considered one of the most prosperous regions of Sarlona.
A good mix of most races, with the largest city’s dotting the coast line.

Ohr Kaluun
This island chain is mostly populated by the more savage races of Sarlona such as Lizardmen and Yuan-Tai who constantly fight each other on behalf of their gods.

Syrkarn is a place of differing ideologies with each state having a different idea on how things should be run. This keeps them at odds with each other at all times but an uneasy peace has lasted generations because no one wishes to make the first move and be singled out by the other three. They are always suspicions of outsiders.

Adar is a land of rock and desert. Only the most hardy or foolish ever travel the wastes. In the capital city of Eppi it is said that one can procure anything in the trade markets… for a price that is.


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